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~Susan Robinson

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Classes are held at two locations for your convenience:             Huntingtown (Julie Rogers Studio of Dance), Prince Frederick World Gym.  More classes will be added over time.  

Please text or call Susan with questions 410-610-0460

Schedule is as follows: 

Monday 9:00 am Gentle Yoga  - at World Gym Prince Frederick

(gym membership required or $7 at the door)

Monday 11:00 am Gentle Yoga - JRSD, 4120 Old Town Rd., Huntingtown, MD

Class passes are available online or pay onsite.  Registration not required, just show up!

Wednesday 11:00 am Gentle Yoga  - at JRSD,  4120 Old Town Rd., Huntingtown, MD

(Contact Susan with any questions, not JRSD please)  Class passes may be purchase from this website for classes at this location, registration not required just show up!

Attending yoga class at ZenYogaWellness

When attending yoga class wear comfortable clothing or yoga/exercise attire.   You want to be comfortable and able to move easily.   It's a good idea to bring your own

yoga mat, blocks and strap for healthy hygiene.  In the winter months you may enjoy covering yourself for final relaxation, so bring a blanket.  We have a few extras on-hand for when you forget these items or when you're just starting out and don't want to invest quite yet.  At the least, it is strongly suggested that you have your very own yoga mat!

Wellness Services are offered at two locations in Calvert County MD: 

"At The Bay Healing Arts Center"  9129 Bay Ave, North Beach"

"Health and Wholeness Psychotherapy and Alternative Therapies"  75 Monett Ct. Prince Frederick

Vibrational Healing Sessions

Reflexology, Tuning Fork Technique, Energy Wanding,  

Chios Energy Healing, and Aromatherapy are all forms of energy or vibration healing.  These are tools and techniques we use to bring our energy field into harmony, and our bodies back into homeostasis or balance.  In this state our body can more easily heal itself with positive and concentrated intention.

Energy field healing may unblock chakras and balance your chakra system.  These techniques may also clear your aura layers by removing stuck debri, seal leaks and tears so precious energy will be maintained in and around you, and create a smooth and even energy flow.  

Reflexology - is done on the feet, hands and/or ears with thumb & finger walking techniques.  Pressure points instantly relax and rejuvenate your entire being in a passive mind-quieting environment.  Many people have been helped with:

*Sleep Disorders *Migraines *Infertility *Hormonal Imbalances *Digestive Disorders *Back Pain & *Most Stress-related Conditions

For more information see our Reflexology page.

Tuning Forks - Frequencies created by the tuning forks create balance in the bio-energy field by clearing disruptions that have accumulated throughout your life. Fragmented parts of yourself are found and brought back to fill in the pieces of the "puzzle" that went missing throughout the life of your spirit.  Feelings of completeness, peace, joy, and a deeper connection and alignment with your higher self will be experienced. As a result, physical and emotional conditions may be alleviated.

Energy Wanding  There are two main disruptions which affect and determine the quality of our bio-energy field and they are OUR LIFESTYLE and OUR ENVIRONMENT.   Regular wanding helps neutralize the negative effects of e-smoc or electro-magnetic radiation from cell phones, computers, etc.  The wand I use is energized to resonate at Zero Point resonance to help the body achieve homeostasis condition, a state of complete balance.  

Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils or plant essences to balance our moods, bring greater mental clarity, encourage our bodies to heal, help build our immune system, and enhance our everyday lives with the beauty of the scents in our personal care products!  Essential oils are extracted from plants around the world by a special process, and when kept at their highest potency can have amazing effects in every area of our lives.  Each plant's extracted oil has a specific frequency.  As these oils such as Lavender, Peppermint, Sweet Orange, Tea Tree, and Frankincense to name a few, vibrate they resonate with many aspects of our human experience.  Life is more enjoyable with essential oils.

Chios Energy Healing

Individual Sessions ~ Using light and color, and many other Chios tools and techniques you receive chakra clearing, balancing, and infusion.  Your layers of aura will be checked for leaks, tears, and debris, and will be fixed and cleared.  When we have leaks and tears in our aura from past traumas our energy can become depleted, and illness will follow.  Keeping our energy field, both chakras and aura layers unblocked and healthy allows the

pure conscious energy to flow through keeping our body, mind and emotions healthy and vibrant.  This is a hands on healing that will leave you relaxed yet invigorated.  Done fully clothed except for shoes, laying on a comfortable massage table.

Become a Practitioner, or a Master Teacher of Chios Energy Healing

You can learn to do these sessions for family, friends, or for a career. You also have the option to become a master teacher to increase your knowledge for practicing Chios or to teach others how to become a practitioner.  If interested please notify Susan Robinson, Chios Master Teacher and Chios Master of Healing Consciousness  at 410-610-0460